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Motion, a software motion detectordigital opensource 2017-05-28
curl explained on gitbookdigital opensource 2017-05-28
curl docdigital opensource 2017-05-28
freeplan open source mind mappingopensource 2017-07-02
TiddlyWiki a non-linear personal web notebookopensource webservice 2017-07-02
md5deep and hashdeep Recursively compute and match cryptographic hashes opensource tool 2017-07-02
Open Source 3D creation. Free to use for any purpose, forever.opensource 2017-07-08
open source avc softwareopensource robots 2017-08-21
ioBroker: Process Automation, IoT, Smart monitoringopensource 2017-09-17
php stack to nodejsopensource 2017-09-30
Open source Farming Robotsopensource garden 2017-12-31

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